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5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make


July 15, 2023

When buying a home, there are many things to learn and be cautious about. I have observed numerous first-time buyers, as well as experienced ones, making various mistakes that can result in costly consequences and regret.

Helping you make the home buying experience smoother and more successful.

Here are 5 common mistakes that home buyers make:

1. Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage:

One of the most significant mistakes is not obtaining pre-approval from a mortgage lender before beginning the home search. You won't know how much a bank or lender is willing to lend you until you connect with a lender and receive a pre-approval letter. If you start looking at homes without knowing your budget, you may fall in love with a home you can't afford.

2. Ignoring Hidden Costs:

Homebuyers often solely focus on the purchase price and overlook other expenses such as closing costs, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and on going maintenance costs. Failing to budget for these costs can strain your finances in the long run. To get an idea of these costs, consult with your lender and realtor who can provide guidance.

3. Not Using a Real Estate Agent:

Some buyers attempt to navigate the home buying process without a real estate agent or choose the first agent they find online. While this may turn out fine, it can also be a regretful decision. By finding the right agent to work with, not only will they guide you through the complex process, but they can also provide valuable advice and direction. Seek an experienced agent who will support you and help you achieve your goals.

4. Making Big Purchases Before Closing:

Making large purchases or taking on new debt, such as buying new furniture or a car, before closing on a home can negatively impact your credit worthiness and jeopardize the mortgage approval process. It's natural to be excited about moving into your new home, but spending a significant amount of money before closing can increase your debt-to-income ratio. This can affect your monthly net income and create complications if you encounter any issues that delay the closing.

5. Neglecting to Review HOA Rules:

HOA stands for "Homeowners Association." It is a legal entity created by a real estate developer to manage and govern a residential community, such as a neighborhood, condominium complex, or townhouse development. The purpose of a homeowners association is to maintain and enhance the overall quality and value of the properties within the community. When purchasing a property within an area governed by an HOA, you automatically become a member of the association and are required to abide by its rules and regulations. Neglecting to review the HOA's rules and restrictions, such as limitations on property use or architectural guidelines, can lead to disagreements and unexpected complications. For example, if you plan to have a dog and build a fence in your backyard, not being aware of the HOA's rules may prevent you from doing so.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can make your home buying experience smoother and more successful. Take the time to educate yourself, work with professionals, and carefully consider all aspects before making decisions.